For bed-wetting problems.

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MORE.for bed-wetting problems.bedwetting cause breathing problems could be connected, researchers have suggested.It could even an explanation for incontinence in some adults, says the Australian team.Previous studies have shown, when the children removed polyps or almonds, stop their bedwetting.But the researchers say a blocked airway can be also cause problems.British experts say that all of the children, the night incontinence problems should be to see be caused be caused by respiratory problems.About half a million children in Britain are bedwetting.

Hormones – Although it is unclear how breathing problems and bedwetting are connected, researchers say a number of explanations a number of explanations.Is the one that stimulates breathing problems create a physical pressure in the abdomen, the urination.Another reason is that the breathing problems blood oxygen blood oxygen levels, which can then affect the level of the hormones involved in urine production. Dudley Weider, the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Hanover, New Hampshire, has more than 300 children. With bed wetting problems that followed an operation for airway obstruction.Men, women and tens campaigners for transformation of health and health care into vulnerable communities.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is proud preach the recipient of the 2010 Community Health Leaders Award, honoring 10 persons who have overcome tremendous odds to safeguard the health and improve lives of people to vulnerable men, women and child. At underserved communities in the United States.

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